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Efficacy and function of hyaluronic acid


The functions and effects of hyaluronic acid are moisturizing, anti-aging, shaping.

1, moisturizing: The small molecules in hyaluronic acid have the effect of locking water, can penetrate into the stratum corneum, thus playing the role of moisturizing and hydrating, so that the skin becomes tender and shiny.

2, anti-aging: hyaluronic acid can promote collagen regeneration. With the gradual increase of age, the skin will become relaxed, the use of hyaluronic acid beauty can dilute the eyebrow lines, mouth lines, decree lines, etc., so that the skin gradually restore elasticity, become firm, so as to play an anti-aging effect.

3, shaping: their nose is relatively flat, face depression, hyaluronic acid injection into the skin, can make the nose become straight, improve the face depression, so as to play a shaping effect.

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